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Window tinting service
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Window Tinting | by 310 TINTING | (310)846-8464 | Summer Special

Window tinting this summer at 310 TINTING the management is taken serious heat temperatures and window tinting installations and we are committed to satisfy your needs.
Choose your color shade and ask for heat rejection to start fulfilling your needs for window tinting, now this days, window tinting manufactures are making all kind of films from white out shades to frost or colored dye tint, at the same time they added layers of extra goodies, like windows films that block the sun energy trough sun reflective films that just bounce the sun rays away. Do you think this is too complicated? let’s make it easier to understand.
Ask your Window tinting installer what type of film best fit the type of window you got if is a residential window tinting film or if is been used for commercial window tinting, car or auto window tinting, boat or yacht window tinting, all of them have a different requirements because the elements that are going to be fighting are different and asking your window tinting sales representative will not harm no body.

Residential Window Tinting

Living room looks cooler and stays cool.

Nothing wrong with residential window tinting witch is saving money on energy while enjoying fresh temperatures around the spaces of your residential home or residential apartment by installing window tinting films that will help your place to look cool and get cooler, certainly is a win win.! Situation and you don’t want to be out on the situation of extreme sun exposure. 310 TINTING is announcing his summer special now, meaning for leaving rooms across the city, Our company will do your two sliding doors with a flat single glass on the frame, the installation of a 5% reflective film for 300.00 us dollars to all homes, apartments or business that is in between 5 miles from the store with the hope of beating the heat of your living room and give you a peace of mind while you relax at home.

Commercial Window Tinting

Racing temperatures got reduce at the office.

Commercial Window tinting is been around for a number of years and removing old film to replaced with a new window tinting technology films to improve the energy efficiency of your office is not a bad idea, after all, the one who is inside handling the racing heat temperatures is nobody else then you and improving the work area will improve your quality of service and keep you relax all day. Window tinting technology have taking a big jump now this days and we can protect your glass from graffiti vandalism on the outside while blocking and rejecting the heat inside your vulnerable place of work, commercial window tinting is one of many things we offer at discounted prices all over the state.

Car Window Tinting

Rock the heat and cools your automobile.

Car Window Tinting is getting more sophisticated by the day, consumers now they have some many ways to choose the right film for there vehicle and we are so willing to inform  you on all of there characteristics and specifications, for example, 310 TINTING now is offering an special for this summer one in the form of a regular dye film, limo tint only, for 99.00 dollars, on all sedans and cupe’s, it covers 5 glasses in your vehicle and provide the shade the you maybe looking for, in top of it the new blue70 nano technology ceramic window tinting film will be offer to there customers for a price that will rock the enthusiast of ceramic window tinting, half of car front or rear your choice for 300.00 dollar, the film is so good that it may be used in the front windows of your vehicle and complied with all California laws, local and state.

Marine Window Tinting

Avoid the heat with new marine window tinting.

Marine window tinting a long the coast is more useful then what you imagine, the high exposure to UV ray and rising temperature can be critical while you are in the boat or yacht, window tinting it may be the solution to avoid excessive burning on the skin and the possibility so getting skin cancer for over espousing your self to the elements and 310 TINTING it may well have the solution to your need of marine window tinting
“With direct heat exposure on my Yacht, my boat, signs to be way too hot in the summer and we decide to take a shot on 310 TINTING not only for the quality window tinting films they used but all the options that may be select, our choice fit our budget and the results are spectacular heat is not the issue any more”
What’s special about this summer, high temperatures, lots of fishing and some protection from the harmful UV ray’s it may be necessary, 310 TINTING will work with you to find the right solution .

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