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Window tinting service
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Santa Monica window tinting Open Sunday’s (310)846-8464

Santa Monica, California. - Find window tinting in Santa Monica with best quote prices on glass tint services, now open from 9 am to 9 pm all week including Sunday isn't it a nice choice of window tinting at Santa Monica installation shop, 310 TINTING is making possible with new nanotechnology window tinting films and a different types of glass tinting shades and window tint colors now available at our window tinting store close to the beautiful city of Santa Monica.

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New car window tinting in Santa Monica is getting better in design and style, window tinting shades are part of the efforts for window tinting installer in Santa Monica to create the glass tint shade on your style an your needs, if you are still looking for the quality window tinting film that best fit your need and your budget 310 TINTING is offering different kind of choices on UV rays blockage and heat rejection for you to chose from

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 Window Tinting In Santa Monica

Residential window tinting and Commercial window tinting is now performing great for windows in all colors and shades, glass window tinting is in Santa Monica in high demand for a good reason, heat temperature and UV rays are in race top levels when is accurate check by the UV ray index on the environmental protection agency (EPA) a good reason to protect yourself and your family is getting all your glass window tint with a high intensity sun radiation blockage with window tinting films made to withstand the heat, like, residential window tinting, commercial window tinting or Marine window tinting films that may be applied today in home, office, car, boats or yacht liners.

Window tinting Service
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hollywood window tinting in Hollywood ca (424)262-5454

Hollywood window tinting in Hollywood Ca is now innovating window tinting at his best window tinting fine collection of window tinting films for car home office and all residential window tinting possibilities, car window tinting is been changing during time with a magnificent set of shades for window tinting in Hollywood California, people in Hollywood like using limo window tinting in their cars because they love privacy and car window tinting with Limousine type of films warranty privacy, save and reduce energy  consumption for new green vehicles with window tinting near Hollywood. Commuting from North Hollywood window tinting is essential while waiting on traffic holding the UV rays, very Harmful, and holding heat at temperatures that make my ride from west Los Angeles window tinting is very important for my every day commute.
Car window tinting in Hollywood
Now looking for window tinting in West Hollywood as well as window tinting North Hollywood and fund what fit better my needs and my budget window tinting prices in Hollywood can be a puzzle but hopefully your trustful installer will have all the technical information about window tinting to solve it and here is what you should start selecting window tinting in Hollywood California, first check what you want like residential window tinting, car window tinting, commercial window tinting or Marine window tinting and I bet you will find all window tinting in Hollywood.

 Hollywood window tinting in Hollywood Ca

How Much window tinting cost

Celebrities, like life style, privacy and a good quality window tinting film their material of choice are ceramic window tinting Hollywood style Carbon glass tinting or a simple touch of elegance of charcoal window tinting film witch accommodate a high heat rejection and UV rays shield protection, window tinting in Hollywood simply look spectacular when is applied on glass window surfaces Like car home office boat or yacht.

California window tinting laws

California window tinting Law regulate the visual Light Transmittance on window tinting Hollywood is not the exception to the rules, looking for your local Police department on window tinting near Hollywood will be helpful, window tinting laws may vary from state to state and your local DMV may hold information about window tinting for Hollywood residents.
Residential window tinting and commercial window tinting is available with many different types of window tinting shades and heat rejection, if you are looking for UV rays shield window tinting films or an architectural decorative window tinting near Hollywood feel free to call 310 TINTING for more information about getting a quote on window tinting prices and any order many offers with discount coupon on Groupon or window tinting Yelp Reviews may be online too.


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Monday, December 9, 2013

Window Tinting Beat the Heat .!

Window Tinting Beat the Heat 
“Car window tinting give an elegant shade that protect passengers from heat radiation while make cars with window tinted look more classy, window tinting always give another layer of protection against harmful UV ray and sun radiation that hit your office home vehicle or automobile witch still is not cover by a UV shield window tinting film with nanotechnology like charcoal, carbon or ceramic window tinting.
New window tinting shades with lots of heat ejection have arrive now, the window tinting industry is developing the new generation of window tinting with nanotechnology which clear window tinting films with a powerful heat rejection is combine to provide clarity and strong defense of radiation trough the window tinting film of your choice.” (read more)

Los Angeles window tinting beat the heat with elegant window tinting film shade taking by surprise the inquietude of window tinting enthusiast who dare to used hot black tone shades in their vehicles with nanotechnology films like charcoal, carbon or ceramic window tinting, given at the car window tinting the power of enhancement with a picture taken look and a flow of enlighten, now your car will look hotter than ever before.
The new article talk about shade on window tinting film may be different for a different user but the final word must be sitting on the consumer itself once it learn how to select window tinting even shade is not your only choice during your selection your decision on what it will be the best window tinting film is on command of the consumer and your installer should be capable to show the advantage or disadvantage of the film.

Window tinting Tips

Window tinting films are different on shade and heat rejection plus other factors need to be in account like how friendly the installation is from one brand to another they all used different elements on the processes of making window tinting and handling the installation it may differ from one window tinting film to the other depending on glue material to quality window tinting film elements, thickness of the window tinting film also it may play a role on how fast window tinting films may deteriorate during the course of time.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Los Angeles window tinting in Los Angeles ca (310)846-8464

Published on Nov 3, 2013

“Los Angeles Window Tinting in Los Angeles California offers now Best window tint service and warranty for all East or West Los Angeles window tinting clients who like to have their glass tint made and installed professionally and 310 TINTING do finance your window tinting needs with a 90 days to pay and 0% interest in all Car, residential, Commercial or marine window tinting needs.

Car Window Tinting Los Angeles (video)

In Los Angeles, Car window tinting is a hot item that gives you a cool look on your car window and a large variety of window tinting film that makes your day cooler and protects your skin while you are in the vehicle with carbon, charcoal or ceramic window tinting technology. ”

New Approach made by 310 TINTING captures the attention of Los Angeles window tinting consumers, providing 6 months glass window tint extended warranty in addition to the nano-technology manufacture warranty called “6 month no fault warranty” and the window tinting installing company base in Los Angeles California will replace your window tinting films if unintentionally is broken or scratched by a third party.

Service Provided:

Window tinting | tint removal | Commercial window tinting | Residential Window Tinting | Marine window tint films | Auto car Window Tint | Ceramic | Carbon | Charcoal | Nano-technology
Car Detailing | Paint Restoration | Paint touch up | headlight restoration | exterior Detail | interior Detail
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Window Tinting Yelp review, Los Angeles windshield tint car side glass

Window tinting yelp review Los Angeles windshield tint car side glass

A window tinting yelp reviewer base in Los Angeles wrote a few days ago his window tinting experience and a serious statement to Our Yelp review window tinting site with information manage by Yelp inc.

The Myth
Mr Lou R wrote in Los Angeles window tinting yelp review:
“ i told him i'd think about it and get back to him. i called my car dealer to get his opinion. he said armando is full of it. all front windshields already have uv protection. otherwise a car's dashboard and front seats would crack from sun exposure.”

The Science
My name is Armando Vera, am not just your ordinary favorite window tinting installer with good knowledge on Industrial Engineering and here is what I think about car glass and laminated windshield with UV protection.

There are 3 types/regions of UV radiation
UVA (UV-Black Light) 315-400 nm
Auto Glass and Laminated windshield will not withstand this level of radiation and eye injuries may occurred during sun exposure, skin injuries at the epidermis level is likely to happen

UVB (UV-Erythemal) 280-315 nm
Performance is still poor on car glass is suppose to avoid tanning on your skin but by my own experience I have seen people getting tan in green houses made of glass and some made of plastic even when the numbers told me otherwise, it may be, those numbers are too close to called done.
When I was younger I used to be a swimmer and trained in a green house and this was my personal experience

UVC (UV-Germicidal) 100-280 nm
Mother earth does a good job at 33000 fit’s about our heads (ozone layer) and glass finish the job with effeteness, good job Mr. glass maker.

I got news for my dear readers, dashboard cracks, like a lie that last only a thousand years, nonetheless the reason manufactures claim durability is because they have found the way to create a better heat resistance for plastic and windshield’s and a good combination of it make it durable.

Now we know, dashboard's are more resistant then before and windshields play a role on it, is nice ins't it, now how about You, your skin, your eyes and the health of your passengers, are those still cover by the car industry or is gonna be you the one capable to take such action and responsibility. 310 TINTING  offer the large majority of options on heat rejection when you select the appropriate window tinting film on your car, home or office 310 TINTING give auto window tinting solutions, residential window tinting treatments and commercial window tinting applications with the knowledge and experience that you are looking in window tinting installation.


CNN : Chronic sun exposure damages trucker's skin through glass

CNNSix common sun myths, exposed

Wikipedia: Ultraviolet

Post By Armando Vera from 310 TINTING
Location: 2511 Venice Blvd, Venice Los Angeles, Ca 90291
Phone: (310)846-8464

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Beverly Hills Window Tinting in Beverly Hills Ca (310)846-8464

" Glamour, best looking window tinting application in the world, now offers good quality window tinting films in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills window tinting in Beverly Hills California, have great selections of window tinting films and heat rejection all from UV rays blocking, magnificent IR protection with high standard on solar control shield preparing you for the best sun control environment."

Once again 310 TINTING face many types of innovating technology to windows tinting at Beverly Hills consumers with a number of choices to beat the heat car by car, home by home, boat by boat and many other commercial innovations.
New car window tinting deals at discount prices and finance possibilities look for Yelp window tinting reviews and see what other clients have to say about us or just call and ask for offers that offers the best Groupon window tinting keep in their websites.

For high end window tinting films we offer 90 days same as cash to all our loyal consumers to ease the burden of paying all at front, just get a few questions and we’ll be ready to install your car, boat, home or commercial window tinting project in less time then you can think, 310 TINTING is committed to provide the best window tinting service in Beverly Hills, California.

Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills beat the heat with high end window tinting product base in Ceramic glass tinting films, nano hybrid Carbon tinting films and charcoal UV shield window tinting films, just ask how much heat is important for you to reject and we will have a very cost effective window tinting film at the price that meet your needs.

By Armando Vera  

Phone: (310)846-8464

services we offer:
Window tinting | tint removal | Commercial window tinting |
Residential Window Tinting | Marine window tint films
Auto Window Tint
Car Detailing | Paint Restoration | Paint touch up | headlight restoration | exterior Detail | interior Detail
Auto Glass repair | Car window replacement | front windshield | windshield replacement

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

310 TINTING - window tinting efficiency - (310)846-8464

310 TINTING no bring you a huge line of window tinting efficiency films that can lead the next generation of window tinting installations around Los Angeles county, all type of films are in play, car window tinting is now blasting the heat and rejects up to 70 percent and 99 percent of the burning solar ultraviolet rays trough your glass into your sensitive skin creating serious damage on the skin, like Melanoma or skin cancer.
window tinting protect all passengers on your vehicle, reducing the temperature and generating energy saving on green vehicles.

Window Tinting
You get what you pay for.
How much cost window tinting in Los Angeles, here is what we think about saving and investment, window tinting around the city can be measure by just common sense, the more heat is rejected, he more it may cost your investment, we think that if your plans are to spend between $200 - $250 it will be a good starting point where the installer will have enough room to deal between installation cost and materials and that may be the case for a good, reasonable and reliable film that most like it will not give you problems of deterioration like discoloration, bubbling or cracking the film for ignition of high temperatures and UV rays burning side of it.
Beside, any selection of cheap window tinting films, make your exposure to have a sign of ignition on the film together with discoloration and bubbling is higher and the cost of removing could be as high as $120, a number that you may had applied at the beginning on a better quality film at the time of making such a decision.
tint windows
window tinting

Window Tinting, the solution
window tinting applications may be done in cars, boats, yacht, residential, commercial, decorative window tint and so on, but when it come to your auto window tinting, taking heat away is very appreciative, who likes to be burn by UV rays, here at 310 TINTING we go more technical about this issue, we personally evaluate the window tinting film industry to provide the best film possible in both ends, heat rejection and film application.
we always look for films that are friendly to apply to your car windows, and reject the most of the heat from your vehicle.

 By Armando Vera  
Location: 2511 Venice Blvd, Venice Los Angeles, Ca 90291
Phone: (310)846-8464
services we offer:
Window tinting | tint removal | Commercial window tinting |
Residential Window Tinting | Marine window tint films
Auto Window Tint
Car Detailing | Paint Restoration | Paint touch up | headlight restoration | exterior Detail | interior Detail

Auto Glass repair | Car window replacement | front windshield | windshield replacement

Monday, July 8, 2013

Window Tinting | by 310 TINTING | (310)846-8464 | Summer Special

Window tinting this summer at 310 TINTING the management is taken serious heat temperatures and window tinting installations and we are committed to satisfy your needs.
Choose your color shade and ask for heat rejection to start fulfilling your needs for window tinting, now this days, window tinting manufactures are making all kind of films from white out shades to frost or colored dye tint, at the same time they added layers of extra goodies, like windows films that block the sun energy trough sun reflective films that just bounce the sun rays away. Do you think this is too complicated? let’s make it easier to understand.
Ask your Window tinting installer what type of film best fit the type of window you got if is a residential window tinting film or if is been used for commercial window tinting, car or auto window tinting, boat or yacht window tinting, all of them have a different requirements because the elements that are going to be fighting are different and asking your window tinting sales representative will not harm no body.

Residential Window Tinting

Living room looks cooler and stays cool.

Nothing wrong with residential window tinting witch is saving money on energy while enjoying fresh temperatures around the spaces of your residential home or residential apartment by installing window tinting films that will help your place to look cool and get cooler, certainly is a win win.! Situation and you don’t want to be out on the situation of extreme sun exposure. 310 TINTING is announcing his summer special now, meaning for leaving rooms across the city, Our company will do your two sliding doors with a flat single glass on the frame, the installation of a 5% reflective film for 300.00 us dollars to all homes, apartments or business that is in between 5 miles from the store with the hope of beating the heat of your living room and give you a peace of mind while you relax at home.

Commercial Window Tinting

Racing temperatures got reduce at the office.

Commercial Window tinting is been around for a number of years and removing old film to replaced with a new window tinting technology films to improve the energy efficiency of your office is not a bad idea, after all, the one who is inside handling the racing heat temperatures is nobody else then you and improving the work area will improve your quality of service and keep you relax all day. Window tinting technology have taking a big jump now this days and we can protect your glass from graffiti vandalism on the outside while blocking and rejecting the heat inside your vulnerable place of work, commercial window tinting is one of many things we offer at discounted prices all over the state.

Car Window Tinting

Rock the heat and cools your automobile.

Car Window Tinting is getting more sophisticated by the day, consumers now they have some many ways to choose the right film for there vehicle and we are so willing to inform  you on all of there characteristics and specifications, for example, 310 TINTING now is offering an special for this summer one in the form of a regular dye film, limo tint only, for 99.00 dollars, on all sedans and cupe’s, it covers 5 glasses in your vehicle and provide the shade the you maybe looking for, in top of it the new blue70 nano technology ceramic window tinting film will be offer to there customers for a price that will rock the enthusiast of ceramic window tinting, half of car front or rear your choice for 300.00 dollar, the film is so good that it may be used in the front windows of your vehicle and complied with all California laws, local and state.

Marine Window Tinting

Avoid the heat with new marine window tinting.

Marine window tinting a long the coast is more useful then what you imagine, the high exposure to UV ray and rising temperature can be critical while you are in the boat or yacht, window tinting it may be the solution to avoid excessive burning on the skin and the possibility so getting skin cancer for over espousing your self to the elements and 310 TINTING it may well have the solution to your need of marine window tinting
“With direct heat exposure on my Yacht, my boat, signs to be way too hot in the summer and we decide to take a shot on 310 TINTING not only for the quality window tinting films they used but all the options that may be select, our choice fit our budget and the results are spectacular heat is not the issue any more”
What’s special about this summer, high temperatures, lots of fishing and some protection from the harmful UV ray’s it may be necessary, 310 TINTING will work with you to find the right solution .

services we offer:
Window tinting | tint removal | Commercial window tinting |
Residential Window Tinting | Marine window tint films
Auto Window Tint
Car Detailing | Paint Restoration | Paint touch up | headlight restoration | exterior Detail | interior Detail
Auto Glass repair | Car window replacement | front windshield | windshield replacement

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Residential Window Tinting: Thinking inside the box

Residential window tinting is one of the less expected to be think inside the box that you may be living on, with temperature raising and high energy consumption the prices for electricity make your living place an incentive to reduce those bills, the solution is get your windows tinted as soon as possible and lower the bill and the temperature of the house.

residential window tinting thinking inside the box
residential window tinting
Window tinting do exactly that, your house get's less vulnerable to UV rays, filtering your home windows and damaging most of your valuable possessions like discoloring furniture, paint surfaces and others; residential window tinting is a solution that must be considered these year, when you think about comfortable residential window tinting films and your installer may have the right solution to beat the heat on summer or preserving the warm temperature in winter inside your home or residence.

Best conditions for residences are shown to be the residential window tinting films with heat rejection and UV ray blockage, saving are enormous not only on energy but in furniture preservation windows that have been tinted, help home owners to maintain there invested furniture in good condition year after years.

Choosing the right window tinting film for my residence can’t be that difficult, companies who manufacture these window tinting films have well plan nice and didactic samples where is much easier to choose what kind of film fit your windows better in terms of color, heat rejection, glare elimination and other, always we suggest to check these films under the supervision of the expert on residential window tint, main reason is the fact the some films can harm your glass window if placed with out the knowledge of there application.

Blocking or reflecting solar rays, here is a real technical issue, some windows will be able to take films that block the heat period but others may brake under certain conditions, please ask the installer if your window is capable to resist blocked UV rays films or if will be smarter to apply films that will reflect the UV
 rays away.

By Armando Vera from 310 TINTING Location: 2511 Venice Blvd, Venice Los Angeles, Ca 90291 Phone: Call (310)846-8464

Residential Window Tinting adviser
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Residential Window Tinting in Los Angeles got home and apartment’s cooler

best residential window tinting
Residential Window Tinting in Los Angeles got home and apartment’s cooler by making comfort for residents of Los Angeles.

If you like to make an assessment on what those advantages are her is some good idea on what to think about window tinting films when you select the films out on the market.

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Residential Window Tinting | Marine window tint films
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We best service Residential Window Tinting at:
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Marine Window Tinting

Marine Window Tinting
Best looking boats and yacht now have their marine window tinted by 310 TINTING, with different type of shades and colors to enhance the look of your boat or yacht and reduce heat absorption of all of the materials inside your Marine craft.
Marine tinting films applied by 310 TINTING zero glare zero heat zero harmful UV rays
Marine Window tinting

One of the best experience boater’s in marine preservation and maintenance, captain Wolfenson, got her ship tinted recently, replacing their old film for a one shade down marine window tinting increasing glare reduction and even getting a higher heat rejection. This new marine window tinting film, he said, “I never thought, how cool and nice the bridge is going to be, no heat, no glare, is amazing”.

Taken most of the glare away with marine ceramic windows film on the captain bridge was more then satisfactory for the boaters of this commercial yacht even I heard a comment from one of the crew members staying that sunglasses on there cabin was not needed as much as before and the view got enhance by the ceramic marine window tint chose by the owners.

310 TINTING keep looking forward for new technology to cut the heat on all marine vehicles and what is more amazing, is the quality of their materials, since his creation many years ago, 310 TINTING, have been assisting boat owners to get strong films with strong technology and if you feel ready for a great improvement all you got to do is call our sales adviser and get the best price we may offer.

 Our technicians will go down to your marina and give you a quote for all marine window tinting, pick the best shades and tell you about their experience on other boats and what boats owners prefer when they got their window tinting.

We best service Marine Window Tinting at:
City of Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Century City, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Oxnard, los Angeles.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Los Angeles, California: Window Tinting and Skin Cancer, what experts have to say

The Most Frequently Ask Questions About Window Tinting

Q: "I am worried about my child, when am driving he goes in the rear seat, some times It gets so hot, and I always see him squinting when I look true the rear view mirror."
A: window tinting film will reduce heat by up to 63% plus it may block out up to 98% of the sun harmful UV rays, also substantially reduce glare from your glass, depending upon the shade of film you choose.

Q: Can Glass window Tint film keep my car cooler?
A: 310 TINTING films perform up to 63% heat rejection with CERAMIC FILM that improve the cooling sensation when we tint your window.

Q: Can I roll my windows down?
A: You must wait at least 72 hours before rolling windows down, on high performance window tinting films it may take longer to cure if that happens on winter times.

Q: How long is the curing process?
A: It can take between 7 to 28 days for a complete cure. some exposure to the sun heat or your heater in your vehicle may help to speed up the process.

Q: Will WINDOW TINT film protect me from the sun?
A: 310TINTING.COM films blocks 98% of the sun harmful UV rays and other sensible rays that come with it, doctors frequently recommend for people with skin cancer or other skin diseased to used reliable film in there vehicles.

Q: Will TINTING Films protect my car interior?
A: Interior fading and dash board cracking are caused by the sun harmful UV ray. 310TINTING.COM films will block 98% of those harmful UV rays projected by the sun.

Q: How should I clean the inside of the windows?
A: You should clean your film with soap and water. If you purchased 310 TINTING films you may clean the film with Windex that does not contain ammonia  It is best to spray the Windex onto the towel and then wipe the window.

Q: What is the curing process?
A: Curing is the time it takes for the water and adhesive to interact with each other and create a complete adhesion with the window glass and the window tinting film.

Q: Can the window tint be scratched?
A: There is a scratch resistant coating on the film. However, the film can be scratched or punctured with keys, watches, rings, etc. Scratches caused by user neglect are not covered by 310TINTING.COM warranty.

By Armando Vera from 310 TINTING
Location: 2511 Venice Blvd, Venice Los Angeles, Ca 90291
Phone: Call (310)846-8464

Your Window Tinting adviser is here to help you better
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