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Friday, February 22, 2013

Los Angeles, California: Window Tinting and Skin Cancer, what experts have to say

The Most Frequently Ask Questions About Window Tinting

Q: "I am worried about my child, when am driving he goes in the rear seat, some times It gets so hot, and I always see him squinting when I look true the rear view mirror."
A: window tinting film will reduce heat by up to 63% plus it may block out up to 98% of the sun harmful UV rays, also substantially reduce glare from your glass, depending upon the shade of film you choose.

Q: Can Glass window Tint film keep my car cooler?
A: 310 TINTING films perform up to 63% heat rejection with CERAMIC FILM that improve the cooling sensation when we tint your window.

Q: Can I roll my windows down?
A: You must wait at least 72 hours before rolling windows down, on high performance window tinting films it may take longer to cure if that happens on winter times.

Q: How long is the curing process?
A: It can take between 7 to 28 days for a complete cure. some exposure to the sun heat or your heater in your vehicle may help to speed up the process.

Q: Will WINDOW TINT film protect me from the sun?
A: 310TINTING.COM films blocks 98% of the sun harmful UV rays and other sensible rays that come with it, doctors frequently recommend for people with skin cancer or other skin diseased to used reliable film in there vehicles.

Q: Will TINTING Films protect my car interior?
A: Interior fading and dash board cracking are caused by the sun harmful UV ray. 310TINTING.COM films will block 98% of those harmful UV rays projected by the sun.

Q: How should I clean the inside of the windows?
A: You should clean your film with soap and water. If you purchased 310 TINTING films you may clean the film with Windex that does not contain ammonia  It is best to spray the Windex onto the towel and then wipe the window.

Q: What is the curing process?
A: Curing is the time it takes for the water and adhesive to interact with each other and create a complete adhesion with the window glass and the window tinting film.

Q: Can the window tint be scratched?
A: There is a scratch resistant coating on the film. However, the film can be scratched or punctured with keys, watches, rings, etc. Scratches caused by user neglect are not covered by 310TINTING.COM warranty.

By Armando Vera from 310 TINTING
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