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Friday, October 11, 2013

Window Tinting Yelp review, Los Angeles windshield tint car side glass

Window tinting yelp review Los Angeles windshield tint car side glass

A window tinting yelp reviewer base in Los Angeles wrote a few days ago his window tinting experience and a serious statement to Our Yelp review window tinting site with information manage by Yelp inc.

The Myth
Mr Lou R wrote in Los Angeles window tinting yelp review:
“ i told him i'd think about it and get back to him. i called my car dealer to get his opinion. he said armando is full of it. all front windshields already have uv protection. otherwise a car's dashboard and front seats would crack from sun exposure.”

The Science
My name is Armando Vera, am not just your ordinary favorite window tinting installer with good knowledge on Industrial Engineering and here is what I think about car glass and laminated windshield with UV protection.

There are 3 types/regions of UV radiation
UVA (UV-Black Light) 315-400 nm
Auto Glass and Laminated windshield will not withstand this level of radiation and eye injuries may occurred during sun exposure, skin injuries at the epidermis level is likely to happen

UVB (UV-Erythemal) 280-315 nm
Performance is still poor on car glass is suppose to avoid tanning on your skin but by my own experience I have seen people getting tan in green houses made of glass and some made of plastic even when the numbers told me otherwise, it may be, those numbers are too close to called done.
When I was younger I used to be a swimmer and trained in a green house and this was my personal experience

UVC (UV-Germicidal) 100-280 nm
Mother earth does a good job at 33000 fit’s about our heads (ozone layer) and glass finish the job with effeteness, good job Mr. glass maker.

I got news for my dear readers, dashboard cracks, like a lie that last only a thousand years, nonetheless the reason manufactures claim durability is because they have found the way to create a better heat resistance for plastic and windshield’s and a good combination of it make it durable.

Now we know, dashboard's are more resistant then before and windshields play a role on it, is nice ins't it, now how about You, your skin, your eyes and the health of your passengers, are those still cover by the car industry or is gonna be you the one capable to take such action and responsibility. 310 TINTING  offer the large majority of options on heat rejection when you select the appropriate window tinting film on your car, home or office 310 TINTING give auto window tinting solutions, residential window tinting treatments and commercial window tinting applications with the knowledge and experience that you are looking in window tinting installation.


CNN : Chronic sun exposure damages trucker's skin through glass

CNNSix common sun myths, exposed

Wikipedia: Ultraviolet

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  1. A broken dashboard is not something I read everyday. But That made me think of the possibilities too. Thanks!


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