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Saturday, September 6, 2014

310 TINTING Los Angeles - What the sun does to your unprotected skin

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Ceramic window tinting

UV shield coating block the heat

New Nanotechnology ceramic

Do you hate getting into a hot car and sweating before seeing friends and family on the other side of town or on the way to work? Do you drive often around in the sun without wearing sunblock on your arms or neck?  Cars with nanotechnology ceramic window tinting in Los Angeles can help in keeping your car up to 60% cooler even when parked right out there under the scorching summer sun. Ceramic window tinting in Los Angeles is a car UV shield that may blocks up to 99% of UV rays, so you don’t need to worry about skin cancer, accelerated ageing or natural skin damage anymore.

Blast the heat away and keep you cool in any shade
window tinting in Los Angeles
Beat the heat 

What exactly the sun does to the skin?

video: explain by Trace Dominguez

Gloomy interiors:

If classy look is what you are looking forward to, then meet new films with nanotechnology ceramic window tinting in Los Angeles, a brand new line of spectrally-sensitive car window films designed to fill your car with pleasing, natural light while eliminating unwanted heat and UV radiation. With nanotechnology ceramic window tinting in Los Angeles, today spectrally-specific films with tiny ceramic particles are used to block heat and UV, meanwhile also let up to 78% of visible light shine through.

Spectrally selective films hold great

Visibility - Heat control - Glare reduction

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Installing window tinting in Los Angelesone window at the time

Prevent Unwanted Glare

Car window tinting in Los Angeles can prevent snow glare, sun glare and even headlight glare in the night-time. Films made of ceramic window tinting in Los Angeles are noncorrosive, that’s why they won't interfere with electrical signals and offer crisp, natural views day and night. Nanotechnology ceramic particles are also virtually invisible; therefore ceramic window tinting films are great choice for consumers who want to maintain the original appearance of their new car window tinting in Los Angeles.

Enjoy natural views day and night
window tinting reduce glare
save energy

Provide Shading:

Ceramic window tint in LA is an effective and attractive way to minimize and block the harmful effect of sunlight and provide plenty of shading to your car. Ceramic is known as an excellent material that can provide plenty of shading as compared to other products that can be used to provide car shading. With ceramic window tinting in Los Angeles you can be sure that your car is getting the right product that can offer both, value for money and better effectiveness. 

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Harmful sun radiation ultraviolet heat
skin cancer conditions

Block UV-radiations:

Ceramic auto window tint is also provided by many manufactures of automotive car window tinting in Los Angeles can help you to feel better when you are in the car especially on a hot sunny day during summer. The quality of ceramic car window tinting in Los Angeles holds great importance but when quality is lower than expected you will not get the right car window tinting experience and also the film won’t last as long. Only high quality films with nanotechnology ceramic window tinting in Los Angeles can protect from harmful ultraviolet rays and ensure that you get to use that film for years in the future. With the help of ceramic window tinting in Los Angeles you can block out the ultraviolet heat while keeping the car bright enough.

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